Tobermory Shipwrecks

There are over 20 Shipwrecks in and around the Tobermory Area, and many more throughout the Peninsula.  Two of the most famous are in Big Tub Harbour; the City of Grand Rapids and the Sweepstakes.

For over a century, Big Tub Harbour has hosted sunken ships that are favored by tour boats, scuba divers and snorkelers alike.  This 14 minute tour will give you a unique birds eye view of two of the most visible shipwrecks in the Tobermory area, and if the conditions are right you may see a couple more along the route!

As you take off from the Tobermory Airport you will see the Peninsula take shape as Lake Huron and Georgian Bay meet.  You will pass over the quaint town of Tobermory and see the many islands from shore.  Don’t forget to bring a camera for this most remarkable experience.

14 Minute Tour Price

$199 +hst for 3 People!
(Maximum Weight of 500lbs combined)

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