Cabot Cliffs

Flying along side the cliffs enroute to Cabot Head has some of the most breathtaking scenery you will ever see.  Extending up to nearly 400 feet you will be flying almost parallel with the top of the escarpment as it towers high off your wing!

Huge boulders the size of a house littler the shoreline leaving the empty hole in the cliff face from where they fell.  Fly over the shipwreck at Cabot Head; the Gargantua has laid idle in the Wingfield Basin for over 75 years!

Pass over the famous Grotto enroute and wave at the many people swimming in the chilly aqua blue waters below.  Cross the Peninsula to the Lake Huron shoreline and see the limestone bottom as the sun illuminates the clear waters below.  A quick pass by Singing Sands to see the lime green sandy bottom before returning the airport for landing.

This 30 minute flight will certainly be a favorite, and an experience not soon forgotten!

30 Minute Tour Price

$349 +hst for 3 People!
(Maximum Weight of 500lbs combined)

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