Take a Ride Above the Beautiful Bruce Peninsula!

Sightseeing flights are flown in our Cessna 172 aircraft. This 4 seat aircraft is ideal for sight-seeing, with the wing is above the cabin for excellent ground visibility. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Where to?

We have created some amazing tours that showcase some of the most iconic and scenic landmarks on the Bruce Peninsula.  Whether you want to take a quick hop over to Flowerpot Island or the Grotto, or you want to see the entire Peninsula in a breathtaking 75 minute tour, we can take you there!  Want to see something that is not on our route, how about a custom tour!  We can customize the routing for what you would like to see based on a per hour rate.  You tell us where you want to go, and we will let you know how long it will take to get there and back!

How much?

Costs are based on the aircraft, not per person.  When you book an airplane for a tour, it’s all yours, and the price is the same whether you are flying by yourself or taking one or two friends with you, so pack it up, the more friends you take the cheaper it is for you!

14 minute tour

Price: $199 for three people!

(500lb max)

30 minute tour

Price: $349 for three people!

(500lb max)


45 minute tour

Price: $399 for three people!

(500lb max)


75 minute tour

Price: $599 for three people!

(450lb max)


Double Down

Fly two of our 14 minute tours and save $50!

Choose between the Tobermory Shipwrecks, Flowerpot Flyby and Grotto Vista for an amazing combo-flight experience!

Create your own


Custom tours take you where You want to go!


To book your flight or for additional
information call (226) 668-2506

Email :

Sightseeing Frequently Asked Questions