Booking Terms and Conditions


Bookings can be made Online through our website via the online calendar, Over the Phone or In Person with our flight dispatcher.

Making Bookings Online

Bookings made online require the full payment at the time of booking.  $50 of the total charged for your flight is considered to be your Reservation Deposit.  Changes to your booking date or time require 48 Hours Notice for change, otherwise your Reservation Deposit may be forfeit as outlined below.  Changes to your Reservation can be made by calling our flight dispatcher 7 days a week between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time at 1-226-668-2506.  See Cancellation and Refund Policy for more information.

Making Bookings In Person or Over the Phone

Bookings made in person or over the phone require a Reservation Deposit of $50.  Acceptable methods of payment include Cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard.  The remainder of the balance will be due at the time of the flight.

Booking times are very specific, it is important that you are on time for your flight. We request that passengers arrive 15 mins before their booked flight time to check in with our flight dispatcher.  Should you arrive late for your departure time, you risk losing your Reservation Deposit.  We will attempt to reschedule you during your visit to Tobermory subject to availability.  If we are not available to book you on another flight that day, you will be subject to the conditions of our policy on “Modification Less than 48 Hours in Advance”.

We will strive to depart on time everyday, however short delays in departure may occur as we are subject to many unforeseen variables.  Long delays due to weather are described in more detail below.

Identification and Tickets

No tickets are issued at the time of reservation. Passengers will be given a booking reference number.  Please present this number with your scheduled flight time to the flight dispatcher upon your arrival.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Flight bookings can be cancelled either by “You” (Passengers or Booking Agents) or by “Us” (Pilots or Dispatchers).

Cancellations Made By Us

Cancellations by us are most commonly made due to a lack of weather suitability, though may also be the result of aircraft / airport serviceability, or unexpected staffing shortages (pilots unexpectedly taken ill).  Should we have to cancel your flight we will make every effort to contact you prior to your booking time to discuss the options moving forward.

You will not be charged any fees if we have to cancel your flight.  Efforts will be made to reschedule your flight for another suitable time, however should a resolution not be amicable, we will refund any money you have paid towards the flight reservation when cancelled by us.  We reserve the right to cancel your flight with any amount of notice, as many circumstances for cancellation are beyond our control and may be required immediately.  It is our intention to give as much notice as possible so as to not disrupt other plans you have made throughout your visit to Tobermory.

There may be days where the weather appears to be ideal, however in actuality the flight conditions may be unsettling.  Our pilots are highly skilled professionals and are conditioned to deal with strong winds and turbulence, however it may not be enjoyable for you as a passenger to experience such a bumpy ride.  On days like this we may advise you of the flight conditions as “safe to fly” but perhaps not “enjoyable to fly”.  We may leave the decision with you as to whether or not you wish to endeavor into the great blue bumpy yonder, as to some this may be considered “fun” whereas to others this could be “scary”.  Should you choose not to fly under these circumstances, you will not be charged for the cancellation of your flight.  We want you to enjoy yourself and it is our goal that you have a memorable experience, after all we want you to come back again!

Cancellations Made By You

Our Cancellation and Refund Policy is predicated upon 48 Hours Notice.  All changes must be made by phone conversation with our flight dispatcher during regular business hours, 7 days a week between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time at 1-226-668-2506.  Leaving a message on our answering service is not sufficient, you must speak directly with our dispatcher and receive a confirmation of cancellation.

Cancellation or Modification 48 Hours or More in Advance

Should you need to cancel or make changes to your booking at or before 48 hours from your scheduled departure time, you will not be charged any fees.  We will work with you to modify your flight departure time subject to availability.  If we cannot accommodate your requested changes, we will refund your payment as required.

Cancellation Less than 48 Hours in Advance

If you have paid for your flight in full through an online reservation and wish to cancel your flight entirely, you will be refunded through Paypal the amount you paid, minus a Reservation Deposit of $50.  If you have made your flight reservation in person or over the phone, you will forfeit your Reservation Deposit of $50.

Modification Less than 48 Hours in Advance

If you wish to amend your flight date or time, or change details regarding the passenger manifest, we will make every effort to accommodate the requested changes, subject to availability.

Should you wish to reschedule your flight for another date or time, you will have a 30 day window to make your new reservation, after which time if you have not completed your flight you will forfeit your Reservation Deposit of $50.  As our operation in Tobermory is seasonal only, your rescheduled flight must be within 30 days from your initial booking date, but not later than September 30th, 2017, whichever is earlier.

Should you reschedule your flight within 30 days of your original booking, only to experience a cancellation by us for operational circumstances, you will be given the option at that time to refund your Reservation Deposit or make a new reservation within the 2017 season.

Weather Suitability

If in doubt of the weather suitability please check with us on the morning of your flight for an update on the conditions.  Low cloud, poor visibility, fog or high winds may prevent the flight from taking place on that day. Our pilots receive an aviation forecast every morning specific to the area. Weather often changes by the hour so we can advise you of the expected weather conditions for the time of your flight.   We will make every effort to contact you in the event of cancellation for weather with as much notice as possible.  If you would like advanced notice for cancellation, you should include that request at the time of booking in the Additional Comments section, or with the Flight Dispatcher over the phone or in person.

In the event of weather delays every effort will be made to operate the flight as soon as conditions are suitable that day without compromising your safety or enjoyment of the flight.  No charge will be made in the event of us cancelling your flight and we will re-book for another time or day at your convenience.

Technical / Airport Delays

In the event of technical / airport delays we will keep you informed of any waiting time.  If you are unable to re-book because of scheduling conflicts, we will at your request refund your Reservation Deposit.

Scuba Diving

Serious medical complications including death can result if you attempt to fly shortly after scuba diving.  Decompression sickness can result if you have completed dives to depths greater than 33 feet if you attempt to fly within 24hrs, and with dives less than 33 feet if you attempt to fly within 12 hours of your last dive.  If you plan to do both Scuba Diving and Flying while visiting the Tobermory area, you should fly first and scuba dive second.  It is our policy that we will not take a passenger on a flight if we are aware that they have been scuba diving within 24 hours of their planned flight time.  It is up to you to inform us of any scuba diving activity you have undertaken within the 24 hours prior to your booked flight time.


You will be flying in a four seat Cessna 172 high wing aircraft perfect for sightseeing.   Being a high wing aircraft you will get excellent views of the scenery below. The aircraft has plug in headsets in all seats.  Your pilot will give you a guided tour of the area telling you its history and local information. You are welcome to speak to the pilot with your input and ask questions during the flight. You can also speak among yourselves through your microphones.  We request quiet during takeoff and landing.

Restrictions – Passengers

Max passengers per flight are three, minimum is one.  The price of the flight is for the use of the airplane, and is not specific to any number of passengers.  We will not put other passengers in your aircraft with you unless requested by you specifically.  There is no age restriction on passengers.  Every passenger must have their own seatbelt.  Child seats can be accommodated with advanced notice.  We do not carry pets on board the aircraft for Sightseeing Flights.

Restrictions – Weight

The maximum weight for all passengers (the pilot is not a passenger) is defined by the duration of the tour being taken, but is typically between 450-500 lbs.  Some shorter tours can accommodate more passenger weight as they require less fuel, and by reducing the fuel weight to a safe level we can increase our ability to take more passenger weight.  If you are close to 500lbs but slightly over, call us and request a special exemption for the additional weight and if we are able to accommodate it we will advise you.

It is absolutely imperative that you are accurate with your weight when making your declaration, as the safety of the flight depends on it.  If we have any concerns about the accuracy of your declared weight, we will weigh you in person prior to departure.  If there is any discrepancy in your stated weight vs your actual weight that compromises the safety of the flight, your flight may be cancelled at our discretion, or postponed until our fuel loading is reduced and we can return to a balanced loading.  If we are not available to book you on another flight that day, you will be subject to the conditions of our policy on “Modification Less than 48 Hours in Advance”.  If you are honest with your weight, this situation will not occur.


If you have or are flying with someone who has any disabilities that you feel may require additional assistance from us, please check in with us to discuss how we can help. We have flown many physically and mentally disabled passengers over the years and love to share the joy of aviation with them.  Being a high wing aircraft, boarding is easier for the elderly (as you are not required to climb on the wing) but may still require assistance from someone travelling with that person.  We can assist with the boarding and deplaning of passengers to the best of our ability within an acceptable margin of safety, dignity and liability.


No special clothing is required but don’t forget your camera and sunglasses.


Photos can be taken at all phases of flight and on the ground (except near re-fueling activities).


Parking is free on-site.

Food / Facilities

There is no food available at the Tobermory Airport.  Please do not bring food or drink on board the aircraft unless by arrangement.  There are washroom facilities in the terminal building.

Lost Items

Please take care not to leave items in the aircraft and keep personal possessions on you at all times. Any lost item should be reported immediately to a member of staff who will endeavour to locate it.

We cannot take responsibility for lost items.

Safety and Qualifications

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us, followed closely by your enjoyment.  All flights are conducted under our Air Operator Certificate (AOC). Companies wishing to carry fare-paying passengers have to complete a thorough process by which they must satisfy Transport Canada that they are competent to assure the safe operation of aircraft. Once an AOC is granted the operation is subject to a program of continuing surveillance including crew training and aircraft maintenance. These are the same regulations that apply to the Airlines.  All our pilots are fully qualified holding a Commercial Pilot Licence or higher, and are required to undergo thorough Medical evaluations and recurrent training annually.  Rest assured you are in the capable hands of a skilled aviation professional.


We welcome customer feedback.  We love to hear about your experiences through our various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  The greatest compliment you could give would be a recommendation to a friend or family member.