Carved out of the escarpment by powerful forces of nature during the last ice age, these majestic sea stack rock formations are as iconic as they are beautiful!
Come Fly With Us
Let us take you on an amazing adventure to see the beautiful Bruce Peninsula from above. From Tobermory, to Flowerpot Island to the Grotto and beyond, buckle up for an experience you will remember for life!
Beauty of the Bruce
Scored through glacial motion, the rocky limestone shorelines of the Bruce Peninsula provide stunning landscapes that can truly be appreciated through a unique aerial perspective.
Lake Huron Shorelines
Gorgeous aquas and vibrant greens follow the contours of land and sea as we wind our way up and down the amazing Bruce Peninsula. These are the images we remember for life, and the feelings of freedom we long to revive!
The Grotto
A hidden oasis awaits the avid hiker following the path around Cyprus Lake. Pristine turquoise waters, steep escarpments and secret underwater caves make this a must see destination from the air and ground!

At the tip of the Bruce Peninsula where Lake Huron and Georgian Bay
meet you will find the beautiful town of Tobermory, an amazing landscape that you have to see from above!

Explore the Shores
The peninsula appears to float on the water as it drops of dramatically into the depths of Georgian Bay. Explore the shores of the Bruce Peninsula and see the incredible contrast between Georgian Bay and Lake Huron shorelines.